Undo for Scale Detail doesn't work

Hey there if i scroll in the detail view in Layout i change the scale if it is not locked.

That happens sometimes unwanted.

But if i click undo after i left the Detailview, the scale is not reset to its previous scale.
Only the Position is undone.

Happens after the newest update.

@Milan_02 please try using the UndoView command while inside the detail. Does that address the issue?

Yes and no! It does redu view changes in th view deatil, but once you scrolled fast its pain in the ass.

Before i could doubleclick and leave the details, press undo and all view changes that were made during my detail-edit were reset. I wish this behavior to be back :frowning:

Please Rhino Team, once edited the detail and you want to do undo.

Check the scale it doesn’t undo, only view position undos and i have to change scale maually back.
(As long as i rememebr the Ratio)

It was possible 1 month ago, would be really helpfull, if it works as before.