Rhino 7 Detail scale not adjustable in layout

I’m using Rhino 6 for a year now and I just installed Rhino 7 evaluation. When starting to work with Rhino 7 I was trying to make a layout with a detail. When I was trying to change the scale of the detail I can’t adjust it. I type the wanted scale but when hitting enter it does not apply. I do it in the same way like in Rhino 6 and there it works. Does someone has an answer for this?

Hello - as far as I can see this works - as long as 1) the detail is not locked and 2) the detail is not in a perspective projection. Are you typing in Properties or using the Detail command?


There’s an old bug with the detail scale parameter field. It does not accept enter. However, tab key works. (Didn’t check R7)

I’m typing in the Detail command and it is just a top view. Tab key doesn’t work either.

I started Rhino all over again and now it seems to work :smiley:.
Don’t know what was the problem but there isn’t one anymore.


Tested R7. Enter key does not work in that input field. Tab does.

Edit: this is still not fixed. Values cannot be entered with the enter key. Just saying.