Error writing file

Hi Luis,

I got an error writing an export:

Exporting Rhino Model to HTML
   at Iris.IrisObjectScene.WriteLayers(RhinoDoc document) in C:\dev\mcneel\IrisMaster\Iris\Objects\IrisObjectScene.cs:line 44
   at Iris.IrisMain.TraverseModel(String filename, RhinoDoc doc, FileWriteOptions options) in C:\dev\mcneel\IrisMaster\Iris\IrisMain.cs:line 441
Failed to save as C:\Users\Willem\Desktop\example WEBGL\single_part\single_part.html.
The file writing plug-in failed.

I’ll try to isolate a single object and send a file per PM.
Any idea what causes the issue?

I was unable to reproduce it , I’ll try to find and reproduce it.


I am having the same problem. I have used iris on a version of the same model about a year ago with no issues but now it will always give the “file writing plug-in failed” error when I try. I am running Rhino 6, is the plugin still compatible?