Error with Kangaroo.dll

I attempted to open a grasshopper file that requires the kangaroo plugin to be enabled which I did and located the file path for it to work. However, afterwards, I still got this pop-up which leads to certain errors in the C# components.

After trying to search posts that had the similar “failed to load assembly” error, I came across a post which stated that I needed .net framework version 4.8, but I also checked and my pc already had it installed.

So if anyone has any ideas why certain aspects of the kangaroo plugin can’t be loaded, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi @tinwarrior8
Which version of Rhino are you using?
You need to reference the same copy of the Kangaroo dll that is being loaded by Rhino. This is in the Program Files directory.

Hi Daniel Piker,

I am using Rhino 7. This is what my file path looks like, the same as the original filepath except the “Rhino” directory is now replaced by the “Rhino 7” directory. I’ve chosen the KangarooSolver.dll from this file path which is the same except this one difference because the a directory named “Rhino” does not except in my Program Files directory.

I think I’d have to see the file the error is coming from to tell what is going on here.
It might be a script component that is missing a ‘using’ statement.
You could also double check for any script components when you Right click > Manage Assemblies, that they are actually pointing to the correct location (by hovering over the dll icon in the left pane).

Thank you for the suggestion to check Manage Assemblies. It seems that the script was pulling from two KangarooSolver.dll from two places, one being my downloads folder. After deleting the instance in the downloads folder, it began working as intended. Thanks for your suggestions!

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