Plugin installation


Pleae anybody can help…
In the .dll i changed the open with.
Its not longer unknown app. It ot a problem?

Hello- I have no idea what you are trying to do - if you are asking about Rhino plug-ins these are *.rhp files, they are not ditributed as .dlls as far as I know.


Hello Pacal

thanks for the reply… Maybe i wasn’t clear enough in my question.
After i copied Kangaroo to Grasshopper Libraries, i wasn’t able to
see it in Grasshopper. I checked if the GHA and DLL are unblocked.
then in the DLL properties, where usually in the file property General
its “Open with; Unknown application Change”
I changed it and put instead “Open with: Microsoft Visual Studio”
is that a Problem?
Same to all my DLL files in Library But cant open Kangaroo in Grasshopper