KangarooSolver.dll failed to work with c# dot net RhinoCommon

I am using Kangaroo scripting in Grasshopper. Working completely fine.
I wanted to integrate Kangaroo in one of my RhinoCommon plugin outside grasshopper.
So I have added reference to KangarooSolver.dll
Do I need to refer to other Kangaroo dll from last version of Kangaroo?
when I compile the plugin it says I need 4.5 dotnet framework for KangarooSolver.dll.
When I tried to set higher framework in project properties, it only shows dotnet frame work 4.0
I tried to install 4.5, but it gives warning that, 4.5 is already installed.

So how to use KangarooSolver.dll. in RhinoCommon plugin development ?

It works with Grasshopper scripting inside grasshopper though.
I want to use visual studio and RhinoCommon for this particular project.

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Yes, it should be possible to use KangarooSolver.dll (you don’t need the old dll).
When you say it only shows 4.0, do you mean when you try to choose the Target Framework in Visual Studio it doesn’t show the option for higher versions in the dropdown menu?

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Are you using VS2013? Older versions of Visual Studio probably don’t support compiling for 4.5

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Hi Daniel, Nice to hear from you ! Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does not show 4.5 frame work. I think Steve is correct, I need higher version of visual studio because I am using only Visual Studio 2010 .

I am using vs 2010. I think I need to upgrade to 2013, for framework 4.5.
If there is any other reason, then please let me know.

Yes the problem is solved with VS 2013 .