Error while unrolling BREP

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. I have two arches designed in Rhino with planarized faces and inner beams, which I want to unroll for laser cutting. The arch which has quad faces is working little okay but the other with triangular faces is exploding.

I tried different unroll components from various plugins and it is giving me similar result. It will be really helpful if anyone could see and let me know what the error is.

PS - I have used Open Nest plugin in this file.

Thank you in advance.

unrollError.3dm (379.0 KB) unrollError (15.0 KB)

Hi @Petras_Vestartas, I am having a problem unrolling these BREP’s. I made the form and planarized, added external beams and joined it but when I am trying to unroll it is not happening, I don’t know why.

It will really helpful if you could take a look at it and let me know what the error is.

Thank you in advance.