Unroll Brep apparently broken in V6

I used to get good Brep unrolls in V5 with the Fabtools “Unroll” component.
Now it fails to properly unroll all the faces in V6.
I tried the “Unroll Brep” component from “Wombat”, and it produces exactly the same errors.
I guess that something is broken higher up…

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What about using the native RhinoCommon unroller in a Python script component…? Does it work any better?

import Rhino

Unroll.gh (7.9 KB)

My bad : it seems that the problem is not related to the unrolling, but upstream in my definition.
There is definitely “something” that used to work, and doesn’t any more…
I’ll come back with my findings.

The culprit was the component upgrade mechanism.
Here is my legecy “Evaluate” component :

…and here is the upgraded version :

Notice how the “Reparameterize” option was lost ?
Also, the component got bumped out of the group, but that’s no big deal.

Maybe some kind of warning should be given , or better : options should be retained ; some of them having a huge impact on what data is actually processed.

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