Problem unroll

Hello. Please tell me, what could be the reason that unroll does not work? (5.4 KB)

In general the Rhino Unroller (with regard non developable BrepFaces) is a tricky thing. In some cases can yield approx results of some sort (see attached and play with relative tolerance [depending on the type of Loft]). (131.2 KB)

PS: Dots as Added Following Geometry … work occasionally (a R bug).

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Not sure what your end goal might be, but if you are willing to divide the surface up a bit, you could unroll it in strips, (using native GH and Kangaroo2 components). If your intention is physically modeling/fabricating the curved surface, you could do this, and then work towards a strategy of joining the strips with tabs of some sort, which would result in an “approximation” of the lofted curved surface, (emphasis on “approximation”). In that scenario, I might suggest using a triangulated mesh, as the fold lines will yield a shape that is a little closer to the original surface. This can quickly evolve into a panelization exercise…which I will leave for others to elaborate on, if so desired.
Lot’s of examples of “unroll strips” on the forum, if you choose to explore further.

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This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

Very interesting method. Thank you for your offer. I already have an idea how to apply your principle. Thanks!

Added a stripe option as a poor man’s - naive - way to address a rather complex puzzle … but this requires an unrolled pieces auto arrangement (not included) in order to have some real-life meaning (and these @#@#@ dots … work when they work). (126.7 KB)

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