Unroller misbehaving unpredictably


I’ve been chasing a bug that started acting up in our flattening pipeline some months ago.

In our pipeline we flatten many breps with lots of following geometry and sometimes unrolled geometry was missing.

Finally I had time to narrow it down and create a reproducible example.

No all following geometry is unrolled by the Unroller and it seems to depend on the presence of other following geometry ( this made it so hard to track down and reproduce)
As this behaviour is expressed in both our python script and the UnrollSrf Command I suppose this example file will suffice.


reproducer.3dm (132.4 KB)

Please let me know if anyone has a workaround, as it has been crippling our system.
For now I will try to see if a 2 step unrolling might fix it, where I unroll the failed input separately in a second, run. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Willem,

I’ve logged this issue.


– Dale

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RH-60119 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate