Dynamo vs GH/Rhino.Inside.Revit vs Python/GH/Rhino.Inside.Revit


Is it worth learning Dynamo these days? I am a proficient GH user. I have already used Rhino.Inside to automate some tasks in Revit files.

I have followed a few video tutorials by @eirannejad showing that it is easier to write Python in GH/Rhino.Inside than in Dynamo, with the happy consequence that the code is “reusable” in stand-alone Python interpreters.

I wonder if there is a reason to keep Dynamo in the loop? Or is it fully replaceable now by GH.Rhino.Inside?

I think you answered your own question.

A perspective to take might be to try and imagine where Dynamo / Rhino.Inside.Revit will be in a couple years.

Revit is a behemoth and a cash cow, but there’s not too much they can do about its difficult API or how dynamo interacts with it. They will milk it for all its worth until a 100% cloud based monolithic solution can replace it.

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Hi @libny.pacheco,

As a former Dynamo user, I can confidently say that Grasshopper inside Revit replaced Dynamo for me. I was also a proficient GH user but back then there was no RIR so I learned Dynamo. I can say that the transition was not that easy. All the flexibility of Grasshopper and its logic (engine, stability etc.) is not present in Dynamo (imho). It is obvious especially when you are dealing with geometry (solid union, difference etc.)

We are using Grasshopper inside Revit for about a year now in our office. Other than couple minor things, Grasshopper does a great job when dealing with Revit data. Those minor things can be solved through creating custom Python components (shotout to @eirannejad for awesome Revit python tutorials). So answer to your question is, Yes, it is fully replacable by GHIR.

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Hi @mucahitbgoker,
The upper quote refers to RIR gh python documentation or which tutorials did you have in mind? Thank you for the reply.

The pyrevit playlist Python for Revit is a great primer for practical use of Python in the Revit API.


As @japhy mentioned, i was referring to Python for Revit playlist.

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Thank you for the replies. Both of you.

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