Error updating to WIP 6.0.17157.08191 [Solved by temporary disabling antivirus]

Anyone else’s having problems updating Rhinoceros WIP to 6.0.17157.08191 ??

I get error code: 0


no problem here.
try again, repair?

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I’ve tried 3 times… always get a code 0 error. It’s the first time i’ve issues with WIP…

I’ve tried automatic and manual download of the exe files

Thanks anyway! it seems to be some kind of problem with my PC

Do you happen to have any antivirus software running?

hm, at this point I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling. updating the system and all the drivers before that.
If that doesn’t help my personal way to go would be to swear loudly and smash something.


it was the antivirus AVG !! I stopped it before installing and everything went perfect!

Thanks again!!

good, no smashing needed any more.

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