Error on Karamba: node-index (#n) is out of permissible range

I am using an older script that I have for stress analysis with Karamba. I am struggling with it and can’t understand what exactly is the meaning of this node-index and why it is out of range. The exact error I get is: “1. Solution exception:Support number 21: node-index 1155 is out of permissible range.”

For some reason the same script works fine on other (quite similar) geometries. Since I need to test it on a variety of geometries (further than the current), I would appreciate if someone can help me with troubleshooting.

I have attached here the gh file with internalised data. (152.1 KB)

Somehow it worked when I scaled down the support way smaller than it was. If you still have a more sound explanation, let me know :)). This solution does not work at all locations of the support (even if they are still under the object to support)


you need to replace the support with the actual point geometry rather than the index. You will see in the output of the MeshToShell, duplicate points in the original mesh are deleted.

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