Error in Assemble

I cannot understand why I get the unconnected node error. While everything is flattened and the supports and loads are on the mesh points.

  1. Solution exception:There are 6 unconnected nodes in the model:
    node-ind:3531: (18.9832744598389/18.2733154296875/0.0125000001862645)
    node-ind:4358: (18.9082736968994/18.2733154296875/0.0468747280538082)
    node-ind:4704: (18.9282741546631/18.2733154296875/0.0468747280538082)
    node-ind:5050: (18.9482746124268/18.2733154296875/0.0468747280538082)
    node-ind:5390: (18.9832744598389/18.2733154296875/0.0375000014901161)
    node-ind:5396: (18.9682731628418/18.2733154296875/0.0468747280538082)

hello @n.sidiropoulou
Can you share your definition ?

The file is to big to attach it, but you can download it from

it’s not working, you cannot internalize your data ?

Sorry, try this link. The data are internalized thatswhy the gh file is big.

It’s look like a numerical precision problem.
I can’t help you, but maybe with Karamba there are restrictions for a very small model like yours.
You have point coordinates with 13 digits after the decimal point

As attached, I internalize your structure with an x100 scale, and everything seems to be working.

You should see this problem with Karamba support @karamba3d

structural script (878.1 KB)

I solved the problem by setting 0.001 to the LDist(limit distance for coincidence points) of the mesh shell components and the assemble one. Thanks!