Error Message Loading Karamba License

Whenever I try to load my educational karamba license an error appears, stating : an external component has caused an exception.

Trying to reload the license from my rhino account does not succeed. I also tried accesing it from a different computer, but the same error appears. When checking my license online it seems to be in use on my computer. Checking it inside Grasshopper only results in finding the trial version. Otherwise karamba works fine. I had been using karamba for several months without problems - until today. The only thing I remember changing is installing Pufferfish.

Hi Karen,

I’m experiencing exactly the same problem, was about to write the same post…

@matttam ?

Hi I’m experiencing the same problem! I was using karamba this afternoon and it was fine

Hi everyone, we updated something in the cloud license and it seems have affected the licenses. We are on it and hopefully will have this resolved very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Hi all, the issue has been resolved and you should be able to access the license once again.
If you still have issues, try logging out of your Rhino account and logging back in and it should work.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the update, it’s working here again, thank you.