Fail to load Karamba license

I update my rhino and karamba 3D, but I can’t load the license successfully. How can I deal with it? I bought an educational one, but only the trial license could be loaded


Did you make sure to load it while Rhino is open as administrator?

yes, I opened rhino as administrator, but it can’t find the license, then I opened Grasshopper and karamba license to load the license file, but it always says that the license can’t be copied. I wonder why.

Hi, then what I would recommend is to rename the .lic file you received. Please refer to 1.2.4: Standalone Licenses - Karamba3D 1.3.3

Well, I’ve tried it, and the file is already renamed as “licensePro”.lic, but it still doesn’t work

Hi please send us a email and maybe you need to update the license file.