Error in the font

Hi. I have a problem, I have recently purchased the shapediver service. the problem is that one of the fonts in the gh definition list is not recognized. I have attached the gh file
error nel (8.3 KB)
. My account on shapediver is

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the font that does not work is NANKURUNAISA

Unfortunately Rhino completely crashes when creating geometry for this font.
It’s unclear why this happens, but seems to be a problem related to the font. It happens both for Rhino 6 and 7 on our servers.

@Federico2 attached please find two models which demonstrate how you could work around the problem, and at the same time make your models faster.

Basic idea:

  • MeshGrammarMaker: Given a font and a set of characters, produces static geometry for each character.
  • MeshGrammarConverter: Uses internalized outputs of MeshGrammarMaker, and instantiates characters. This will need adaption to achieve the correct spacing.

Please note that we are providing this as is, supporting you further with this would be project specific work which we would have to charge for.

MeshGrammarConverter.ghx (1.2 MB)
MeshGrammarMaker.ghx (496.4 KB)

On my PC, the font doesn’t give me any problems. For us the distance between the characters is fundamental, that’s why the font was designed. Do you have any other suggestions, otherwise it would make no sense for us to have a subscription with ShapeDiver.

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@wim this problem is the same one as described here: Ref: 5189336a-ceea-4ac0-8fb8-e54d8d10279d - #8 by wim
If we manage to submit a crash report of Rhino from our servers, would that help McNeel to track down the reason why the crash happens?

On my local instances of Rhino it works as well, but on our Windows Servers Rhino crashes when creating curves from the font. Other fonts work perfectly well on our servers. There must be something special about the font. This case has happened before with another self-defined font, see my previous post.
@wim the crash happens in this call: TextEntity.Explode Method

How complicated is the rule that defines the distance between the characters? I am not a font expert, but I imagine it should be possible to encode this rule in a Grasshopper model. Using the Grasshopper models I shared and this rule you would end up with a model that runs significantly faster than creating curves from text.

Hi Alexander -

If anything can be found in such crash dump, it’s probably not more than what you already found out - that the crash happens in a specific call. A developer would need the font and code to reproduce the crash in the debugger.

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We had thought about this solution before asking you to install the font, but the way forward was much more complicated to achieve the same thing.

If a solution could be obtained, we can attach both the font and the gh definition.

Hi Federico -

In an attempt to be more clear - the offending font and code that doesn’t require 3rd party plug-ins are prerequisites for us, McNeel, to be able to look into this. Those prerequisites do not guarantee a solution.