Unconnected nodes (Karamba 3D)

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m a student desperately trying to understand grasshopper :smiley:
I’ve been folowing a tutorial and trying to reproduce it.
But I’m stuck : when I connect any chosen points (as a parameter) to the ‘‘assemble model karamba’’ input, it says they’re ‘‘unconnected nodes in the model’’ … I don’t know what to do, I tried everything … I’m lost… :’(
I’m a beginner in grasshopper, so maybe it’ll sound obvious for some, so sorry in advance !
Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s the message I get

  1. Solution exception:There are 4 unconnected nodes in the model:
    node-ind:0: (-0.0379949560557119/0.0759899121114232/0)
    node-ind:3: (7.94909233645248/0/-3.54225568086805)
    node-ind:5: (13.8722993323367/0/-3.54225568086805)
    node-ind:8: (21.8470997320342/0.0759899121114232/0)


please post your definition or a screenshot so that we can try to help you with your problem