Error Importing IFC

Hi everyone,

I’m unable to import an IFC file in Rhino 7, while the same file opens without any errors in Rhino 6 (image below).
The IFC importer in plugin manager is loaded and enabled.

Any clues?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @RdK
You should probably move this to the VisualArq category, if it’s their importer you are using.

Done! Thanks :wink:

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Hi @RdK,

Before trying to import an IFC file, make sure VisualARQ is loaded. Just run any VisualARQ command like vaInit or create a new document using a VisualARQ template, and then try to import the IFC file again.



Hi @enric,

I was under the impression that Rhino was able to import IFC files without using any extension - hence the question.
Thanks for the clarification!