Error getting OSM shape in GISMO

Hi @Chen_Jiaxuan ,
Can you attach your .gh file please?

site (133.1 KB)

  • This is my complete file

Screen shot

Hi @Chen_Jiaxuan ,

The OSM shapes component works without any issues.
The Terrain one as well. I used the radius of only 1000 meters for the terrain (instead of your 8000), so that I don’t steal bandwitch for your API key. But I think it would also work with 8000 meters radius on my PC.

I internalized results in the attached gh file.
site analysis (12.3 MB)

Not sure what is the problem.
Which internet connection do you have? Is it your private? Or do you use university, public wifi. Something seems to block the access to internet.

yes, I use university wifi.

The network is not very convenient for me to make changes.
Is there any other way to solve it?

Can you try with your home private internet wifi?
I think your university has some ports blocked, which are not allowing Gismo to download data.