Error Extend Tool

I have 2 surface, try Extend = -75 2 surface

Result operation

BugExtend.3dm (84.7 KB)

Hello - when you extend, use the SetBasePoint command line option and snap to the end point where the edge meet for each surface. That way the distance will be measured from the same point - on an arbitrary surface like this the extension amount will not necessarily be the entered amount across the entire edge though.


What are the exact values for then?

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Hello - does it work out that the new edge is 75 units away from the original all along its length? If so, then I’m not sure but I believe something other than a pure Extend is taking place - they may be jiggling things a little to achieve an offset - that is fine and probably worth doing, but now I am curious. In any case, to Extend on an arbitrary surface you need to pick where you want that measurement to be taken.

BugExtend_PG.3dm (118.0 KB)