Cursor tooltip: command "Extend surface"

Cursor tooltip activated by general options (Rhino 6 wip).

When I use the “Extend surface” command, there is no “distance” value, which makes me realize how much I have the distance from the edge of the surface.
For example, I want to move the edge of a unit. To do this correctly, I can only enter value 1 in the command line, otherwise, in an interactive way, can not be understood when the extension marks 1 (relative to the edge of the surface).
Or am I wrong?

Also, I noticed that the edges are extended to the inside of the surface.
Why? An extension with a positive value should be out of the surface; On the contrary, a negative value should extend to the interior of the surface. Or am I wrong?
extend srf incorrect.3dm (133.3 KB)

I agree that this is the opposite of what I expect. It appears to only happen for trimmed edges. When the extension value is positive the surface should become larger, not smaller, for both trimmed and untrimmed edges. This was prevously reported: Problem surface for ExtendSrf

Hi Davide - the extension is a ‘value’, and not a 3d distance for the entire edge except in some circumstances. I agree this is somewhat awkward to get right in the current UI - it would be handy to be able to explicitly set a point at which the 3d distance could be worked out, Rajaa says that is possible.

Distance reads out here if Distance is set in the CursorTooltips, but it shows the total length of the surface at that location, not the distance - not sure what is intended there.


Got that, thanks.


Could you make the preview of the command more fluid? It often happens that by moving the board, the interactive view disappears and reappears (intermittent when moving the board).
Also, why beyond a certain limit, does the edge of the surface disappear?
(Up to a point extends, then does not extend longer: this also happens with a simple plan, whose extension should be potentially infinite, or not?).

A welcome addition to the “extend srf” command could be the ability to extend multiple borders simultaneously. Currently it is possible to extend only one edge at a time, a little limiting…
In any case, the developer has done a great job if we think of this command in previous versions of Rhino.