Why no distance option ExtendSrf?

I need to extend surface edges, extendSrf uses a factor, I could do with a distance as I am getting various lengths looking untidy.
factor of 5 for a long surface gives a different extension to the abutting (exploded) short surface, it also sees a 4 sides surface where lhs is 20 units long and rhs 8 units long give an extension not even the same amount along the length of that extension, the longer side puts out a longer extension.

Why is there no option for typing in a length ?


Just type in the length after you’ve selected the edge and hit return. Make sure that you’ve merged all edges first though or it may throw up odd results.

Typed extension lengths will only be accurate if the surface is a degree 1 planar surface. Otherwise it’s difficult to predict length due to NURBS parametrization… Overextend and cut back…


Yeah- this is not necessarily the most obvious thing- basically, extension is by a factor, and if the surface is linear, say a plane and the extended edge is parallel to the opposite edge, it will also be a distance, but since this takes place in UV space, there is often, usually, not a distance that corresponds to anything that makes sense. So - if you want the edge to extend to a new edge parallel to the current edge, most of the time you will need to over-extend and then trim it back.


I have for long wanted the option to automatic over extend and have an offset “old” edge on surface, with extend to the other edges and then an automatic trim.
It isn’t a pure extend, so it would need a warning and be a separate tool ofcourse.
Or be a “loose” tool that trims the surface to edge as good as it can.

I am troubled by use of trim, having started out in rhino trimming merrily as if surfaces were paper and trim was scissors and not realising that it is a virtual trim, original surface still exists, then when I wish to use MatchSrf it fails, because its been trimmed.

Trim, the good , the bad and the ugly, rules of the game…wish I knew them.

I can quote from recent posts if I had time just now of advice…keep trim to an absolute minimum.


^ Try ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge

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