Why does Extend Surface stop? (Can only extend in small increments.)

Video says it all, I think… note that osnap is OFF in this video!

Also note that camera angle doesn’t really matter. The surface only wants to extend in small increments, for some reason.

Yes happens to me quite often

Hello - does it behave any better if you SetBasePoint to the location you are dragging?


Hi, I suggest to use the “Untrim” command (set “KeepTrimObjects=Yes)” and see if the “Extend surface” command will work better on the edge you want to extend. This kind of an issue usually happens when another edge of the surface is already trimmed. “Rebuild edges” also could solve it if you try to extend a trimmed surface.
Also, check if there are overlapping control points somewhere along the surface. If that’s the case, then maybe “Remove multiple knots from surface or curve” will eliminate the issue. If the problem remains, try to manually pick and remove control rows with either “Remove knot” or “Remove control point”.