Problem with Surface export to Iges

When exporting file to iges, the area made with networksrf is not reconstructed well(importing back).
Is there something I need to do on rhino file before exporting to iges?
(spitting out to stl works ok.)

In the image below, there’s a hole in the iges data.
It’s an area made with networksrf then booleaned.

Can you share the file? Are there any bad objects in the document (use SelBadObjects to find them).

Hi @menno, thank you for the reply.
I can’t upload the full, but the I managed to trim off the problematic area, still seems to be error.

I think I should avoid networksrf… it’s ok is stl for 3D printing tho…

Attaching Rhino V5 file and exported file.
There was one bad object as well, after exporting to Iges, but that part is just a simple sweep2… though I would like to know what’s bad with it… attaching that as well…

ProblematicPart_Export_toIges.3dm (690.3 KB)

ExportFail_Iges.igs (1.2 MB)

Bad_Object20171113.3dm (115.5 KB)

Hmm… that looks like a bug to me, the trimming information is not correctly exported and re-importing gives the strange trim and hole. @dale FYI - the same problem also in the beta version of Rhino6.

I see…
I actually was using the V6 to make the object. Maybe I’ll try it with V5 for that particular area and see if exporting works. (or I could avoid networksrf for time being and make a simpler surface, with planar srf and fillets.
Thank you for your reply.

Hi @menno, thank you for the information on bug in V6.

I just tried exporting in V5 and seems ok now.
Saved a couple of hours worth =)

ExportusingV5.igs (1.3 MB)

Ok, good. I hope the ppl at McNeel will pick this up.

@pascal, @dale, @stevebaer Better than hope, we can explicitly bring it to their attention. :wink: I’m sure one of these guys will make sure it gets the right attention.

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Hello - I see the problem here as well, I’ll get it on the bug pile, thanks.
Edge tolerances are out of whack on the imported version.


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