Equivilant of Cinema 4D's Inner Extrude

A very simple question I’m sure but would appreciate any help with this!

In cinema 4D I can take a single polygon (surface) and use inner extrude to get the following shape in 1 step: https://ibb.co/zXrbptN

How do I do an equivalent move in Rhino?
Specifically, this is for building an inverted skirt around a wall.

Thanks so much,

Hi Bebo - for a polygon, you can do this with Inset in the V7 WIP. To create surfaces you can do this in V6 with the Gumball:

  1. DupBorder your surface (or make say a rectangle as a curve)
  2. Select it.
  3. With Ctrl down, start dragging the Gumball plane icon in Top:
    to invoke 2d scaling.
  4. Press Shift at the same time to convert 2d scaling into extruding

However there is not a way to quickly ‘subdivide’ a V6 surface in the way that you describe. V7 will have sub-division surfaces, these are partially implemented in the V7 WIP builds.


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Great - thanks so much for your quick response Pascal.

The gumball works well - is there a way to scale to a set distance rather than just dragging?

I found the answer here: http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/commands/gumball.htm

Thanks again!

In fact - this only works on a square - what if I need an inner offset of a regular distance on a rectangle? Scale won’t work in this instance.


Hello - then you’ll need Offset, followed by Loft.


Ah yes great, thanks Pascal