Gumball extrude

I’ve been trying to get my head around the gumball. If I was to split a tube a couple of times, giving me a central section, is there a finger-fiddle setting that can extrude it outwards? At the moment I have to scale out the section and do a couple of rail revolves. If it’s not possible is it going to be possible in v6? See attached .zip (contains an.avi) for what I mean. (2.1 MB)

You won’t be able to make a new extrusion unless you’re translating the surface with the arrows and then hold ctrl before releasing the left mouse. You can use OffsetSrf with the Solid option though to do this. Does that do what you’re looking for? I don’t see a feature request for this right now, there is an open request for a Gumball Scale2D which I think would help a lot if scaling to create an extrusion were possible.

Well, the offsetSrf does kind of get me there but still have to Boolean and it needs a specific distance (not as freeform as I was hoping for). I’ll stick with scaling and rail revolve. Could this be a feature request?

Sure thing,…

I mentioned some limitations that came to mind while filing this one. I bet self intersections and resulting bad objects are why it was avoided in the first implementation of the Gumball… but it could perhaps work in some cases of course. Thanks for the request.