Equivalent to meshmachine?

Where to download meshmachine?

I cannot remember, it might be meshmachine I am looking for, or it was called something else.

Used google: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/profiles/blogs/meshmachine-update?id=2985220%3ABlogPost%3A1085830&page=2


Thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

I was not able to find it because I had to many links which went to nowhere or other outdated stuff.
By the way, did pufferfish did not have any similar component?

Doesn’t sound familiar

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There was once an example file which could read different intersecting breps, and mesh it equally of that surfaces of the breps.

I cannot remember, I now see it is not meshmachine.


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That is a very nice plugin.

I am looking for something else.
The component which was in an example made it possible to combine meshes and then distribute the faces evenly. It was very handy.

Somewhere on the internet I came across and downloaded a Meshmachine gha file where the component didn’t have the ‘reset’ input—it perpetually computed the remeshing. I think it was the most recently dated meshmachine file, but I haven’t come across it in a while.

Of the meshing/remeshing type plug-ins, ( that I know of ), here are the ones that sound like what you might be describing. (if you have an image or sketch…or something that can help describe what you are hoping to do, it would help!)




MeshMachine (not sure if this is the current version, it’s one of the more “recent” posts on the old forum

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It looks like that last link you posted in the one I’m referring to. If you go down into the comments, you can see where Daniel posted a zip file for the component without the timer input. That is the most recently dated MeshMachine file I’ve come across.

What I am trying to do is to distribute points evenly along the surface.
Meshmachine might work for this, but I seem not able to.

I tried it with meshes and breps, but uhmm, no result. Do you might know what I am doing wrong?

I want to apply evenly distributed points along the brep shown in the image below.

I also tried the other given plugins in this post.

20181024 problem triangulate breps 00.gh (17.2 KB)

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Does this help you? I’m using a different version of the Mesh Machine component that leaves off the timer. It can be downloaded in the link higher up in this same thread. You should also be able to use the Mesh Machine component you have also, but you’ll need to plug the wires back into the corresponding inputs.

20181024 problem triangulate breps 00_re.gh (9.2 KB)

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I was also confused about several tutorials mentioning MeshMachine in conjunction with Kangaroo.

However, when I copy the file from this thread (and didn’t see any unblock permission option on it, btw), I get the following errors:


It doesn’t work on Rhino V6 SR19?

I do not know about that. Maybe make a new topic :slight_smile:

You should try the SimpleRemesh comonent in Kangaroo2->Mesh.