Difference between built-in Kangaroo and Food4Rhino?

I’m seeing a lot of examples on how to create a pattern across a brep, and it seems to rely on a gravity component that isn’t included with the built-in Kangaroo2 in Rhino V6. Similarly, many people talk about a “mesh machine” which I can’t find either (and the one I found yields errors).

So is that the Kangaroo Physics download from Food4Rhino, then? But unless I made a mistake when copying it to the folder (didn’t see an unblock), it don’t see any difference after install, and no gravity component.

What am I missing?

EDIT: Oooh… I think I get it now… people still use a 2014 version??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_Bfmm8y-Ms


If you have Rhino 6 there usually won’t be any need to install any version of Kangaroo from Food4Rhino, as the built in one is the most current.
If I really want to push out a new version of Kangaroo urgently (eg during a workshop), I might occasionally upload a new version on F4R, but generally from now on updates will come in Rhino service releases.
The MeshMachine thing is a separate issue, and I’ll respond to that in the other thread.