Clean mesh

Is there a way to make a clean even mesh (like this shape on the left) on any geometry?

I’m trying to use reaction diffusion but it works much better on the mesh on the left than the one in the middle. For the middle one it creates a bellybutton effect at the top and bottom due to how the mesh is created and I don’t like it.

do you have access to Rhino 6? One way might be to use the simple mesh component in Kangaroo2 then further subdivide as needed with weaverbird.

Hey Chris,

Yes i have Rhino 6. The issue is my object has a pointed edge to it so no matter what I’ve tried that point always looks weird when meshed. I’ve attached my object for you to see.

I also cant seem to find that component in Kangaroo 2. Is it part of the newest release?

TEST.3dm (184.9 KB)

That is a new feature of Kangaroo available in the above R6 SR13
You can get the equivalent result by using Meshmachine. (96.0 KB)

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