Convert text to surface

Hi there,

I have a collection of letters imported in Rhino from a pdf file and I would like to convert them into surfaces. When creating text from Rhino directly (TextObject command), I know there is the possibility of choosing the output format (Curves, Surfaces or Solids), but for text objects which aren’t created within rhino, there seem to be no way of changing their format. As shown in the picture below, they are editable but it doesn’t seem they can be converted. Exploding them (with the Explode command) convert them in curves which for some letters (e.g. G, J, L) is fine as it results in a single closed curve but for others (e.g. O, A, P) the result is at least two curves. I can make a surface from a collection of boundary curves, but if I have a lot of letters this can becomes too cumbersome.
Does anyone know how I can convert text objects to surfaces ? Either a rhino way or a grasshopper way?
Thanks in advance.

If select the text, run Explode and then PlanarSrf immediately afterward on the result, you should get what you want. Rhino will deal with the nested loops correctly - in pretty much all typefaces there shouldn’t be more than one level of nesting (the insides of o’s, e’s etc.).

Note that there are some fonts that are not correctly designed that will not work in any case - for example below is the result of Bahnschrift Semi Bold - middle is text, lower is TextObject and upper is text exploded.

Most surprising is that the inner loop of the ‘e’ is completely missing.

I’m having similar issues with Hanken Grotesk and I wish the text tool would work properly. With HG Extra Bold, the inner bit of a lowercase ‘a’ does not display in a text object.

Many thanks for your solution. It does work in my case.
This could actually be an improvement for future updates of rhino: letting the user choose in which format they would like to import objects from a pdf file, namely textobjects.