EOL of T Spline? Any alternatives?

Still new to win rhino, I’ve been wanting win rhino for the plugins, and at work started using win version of rhino. And the 20% off sale timing I got it, but I see lots of end of support rumors for T Spline.
I wanted to do more organic modelling and seemed like the tool to learn, but if the EOL is coming soon, I’d like to spend the learning curve on other plugin.
Or, just learn faster techniques for surface modelling, which I should do anyway.
Any advices?

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16 days and counting…


I thought it was a bit further away…hmm…
I’m totally so behind… wait… how about VSR? I was also interested in that one…
is that called Shape Modelling for Rhino in Autodesk?



I have owned T-Splines for quite a while…it has been two years since the latest update (V4 blah blah). So as far as there not being any more support and EOL looms, I honestly wonder whether it is not actually a good idea to purchase anyway?There are undoubtedly bugs in the software and they won’t be ironed out as the EOL looms but as long as you know what they are and steer clear why not? Even at its current stage of development, T-Splines is still pretty powerful combined with Rhino so I certainly don’t see myself worrying too much about the EOL.

I’d go for it. I am pleased I purchased when I did (V4 super discount time about 2 years ago).

Good luck.


Thanks rupertenberg,
I think I need to get quickly into it first through 30day free version. Didn’t know that they also won’t sell new ones after first week of next year.
wanted a little more time to get some cash and to evaluate alternatives…

Because it will tie you to using Rhino 5 when Rhino 6 is out?

Clayoo seems to be the only genuine alternative to T-Splines. I haven’t tried it and there don’t seem to be many users on this forum, not sure why it hasn’t gained more traction (perhaps it isn’t as good as T-Splines). Until Rhino gets native tools (they are in the early stages of development it seems), Clayoo is probably the only option if you want to upgrade to Rhino v6 when the time comes.

Sounds like you can use Fusion 360 for free…

Clayoo I’ll checkit out. Thanks!

Did you test Clayoo and can you say something about it?

Haven’t been able to try it yet.
Returned my surfacebook due to battery drainage problem and back to mac rhino until I get find a good win notebook… looking into new dell xps15 or thinkpad with geforce.

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