T-Splines Plug in

Hi there
A while ago, I have downloaded a T-Splines 4.0 product to try, but I didn’t use it because I was trying to get better at Rhino 5. I really like Rhino and I have learned a lot with it, but after watching numerous YouTube video on T-Spline, I now would like to buy it, but when I click on the plug in, it is asking me for a serial number which I don’t have, or if I had it when I downloaded the trial, I cannot find it! I need it in order to activate T-Spline.
I visited your “Australian Shop” but I cannot find T-Spline to try to purchase it.
Can you help?

T-Splines is discontinued by Autodesk, you can’t buy it anymore.

You might try Clayoo

I have used T-splines in the past, before it was swallowed by Fusion 360. After the support diminished, I started over with Clayoo and was disappointed at first since it was very basic and I could do the same things in Rhino that I could do in Clayoo. The latest version 2.5.5 is a significant upgrade and introduces some of the tools (like Weld) that T-splines had. The Emboss and Sculpt tools are very unique and have been improved. I’ve heard rumors that McNeel will adding some type of subD technology in Rhino6, which would be very welcome to organic modelers.

sub-d is an ongoing project and detailed here- Sub-D discussion

It will NOT be included in v6-

clayoo is the only current supported sub-d option.