T-Splines life expectancy and T-splines like functionality in future Rhino release

Does anybody knows if Autodesk is planning to continue supporting T-Splines. Without much research, I believe the reason for Autodesk acquiring T-Splines was to incorporate the funcionality into Autodesk Fusion 360.

Does anybody know if McNeal is planning to incorporate T-Splines like functionality into future versions of Rhino, and if so, is there a timeframe for that.

I am considering buying a license of T-Splines but I’m hesitant because T-Splines does not appear in the list of Autodesk Products nor in the Autodesk Support page.

T-Splines does appear in the Autodesk Store though.

I don’t want to make any promises, but we are aware of the problem.

Also, you might want to look at Clayoo.

Thank you Bob & Felipe for your comments.

I noticed the new version of T-Splines (version 4) but still that does not satisfy my concern about Autodesk stopping or slowing on the updates for T-Splines. If Autodesk Fusion gets good acceptance in the market, there will probably be little interest from Autodesk to continue support for T-Splines.

I tried Clayoo (version 1) and have to say that it is very immature, has too little features and it is too buggy. And, when Clayoo matures well, the price will most likely increase and there could also be the risk of being acquired by another Rhino competitor and treated similarly to T-Splines

I do not want to spend money, but specially time, neither with T-Splines nor with Clayoo.

I started looking into Blender; it is pretty solid, its free, has lots of tools, lots of tutorials, and can do what T-Splines and Clayoo do, and much more. It is not very simple to use, but it works for me. I can export *.obj format and import into Rhino. They are meshes, not NURBS surfaces, but that does not matter. (Clayoo only produces meshes also).

I wonder what is holding McNeel from adding Polygonal and SubD mesh tools into Rhino. Rhino already has limited mesh tools. It would be great if that could be improved.

Thank you again for your help, and if you got this far, thank you for reading my opinion

here’s the buy link- http://www.autodesk.com/store/t-splines-plug-in-for-rhino

it’s a little like buying razor blades…it’s almost like they are hiding them…

CarterTG had said in thread:-

If a scanned 3D mesh already exists, I’d skip the ZBrush step altogether and just go into T-Splines.

from Autodesk website…As of January 7th 2017, Autodesk will no longer develop new versions or sell the T-Splines, Shape Modeling, and Real-time Renderer Plug-ins for Rhino. We have made this decision to simplify our portfolio and focus efforts to better serve our customers with Autodesk products.

For most Rhino 5 users, nothing will change. You will still be able to use your installed software without interruption as long as you want, and in most cases you can even install and activate your software on new machines.

We will not update these plug-ins for Rhino 6 or any future versions. For those who want to continue to use T-Spline technology beyond Rhino 5, Autodesk has integrated T-Splines in Autodesk Fusion 360 and plans to continue to actively develop it. Similarly, the high-quality surfacing and visualization technology found in the Shape Modeling and Real-time Renderer plug-ins have been integrated into Autodesk Alias.

More information can be found in this FAQ, and you can also reach out to us at rhino.plug-ins.support@autodesk.com if you have further questions or concerns.

As I am looking at threads about using rhino on meshes and see mention of T splines, 0% experience with them and poster says tricky, a link to them sees this above, so I am wondering do I need them and how tricky and where from now.


You can’t get it anymore, so you can stop worrying…

I hadnt even got into 1% of worrying so thats that one buried, if T splines was essential for mesh to surfaces then what now.

Mesh2surface looks useful but I dont have that sort of money, still trying to afford v6 !

(by RhinoResurf) at 300 euros less than mesh2surface also interesting.


Since you linked to the topic with the Bell X-1…