Relays activated on hidden wires

I know the possibility of this happening is very low.

But in the latest Rhino WIP, the relays introduced to the wires in Grasshopper work even if you are clicking on a seemingly empty part of the screen, but happens to have a hidden wire passing underneath, which is a bit annoying in large files.

Where can I learn what “relays” mean in terms of Grasshopper wires?

In the latest release if you double click on any wire, you create a wire “relay” which allows you to disable data flow or create new wires from anywhere in the canvas where you can see just the wire. As opposed to having to navigate to where the component is located on the canvas to do the same operations.

Oops, forgot to handle the hidden wires. Thanks for the report, I’ll get right on it.

For those who wish to know, relays are small objects that allow you to organise long distance wires more neatly. Double clicking on a wire will insert a relay, double clicking on a relay will remove that relay and reconnect the original wires. However you can also insert and delete relays through regular channels.

Relays can be named and -if unnamed- will inherit their name from all source relays.


Cool feature

This should be fixed in next week’s WIP release.

RH-42160 is fixed in the latest BETA

Relays are cool! I like this feature, and recognize the need/value of keeping them simple. However, I don’t like the current settings with wire display. I use “faint” wires a lot to cross between blocks of code, and it would be great if the relays could inherit the wire settings of their target.

It also would be nice to be able to turn insertion of relays off. Is this option available somewhere currently? Maybe there could be a few global settings related to relays to keep the component as simple on/off labels?

Many thanks


No way to disable this at present. I can hook up a setting in the xml file, but I doubt there will be a UI for this. I would rather find out why you’d like to disable it and make it either not work automatically in those cases, or tweak the behaviour so it is no longer annoying.

Thanks, David. Right now, I think it’s growing pains - I’m used to clicking on the canvas and getting the search box, and it’s tripping me up to have it create a relay and recalculate part of the definition. Also given that networked construction (organized or spaghetti) is a typical feature of most definitions, relay creation is more often a mistake than an intention for me.

One obvious solution for me would be switching over to the F4 hotkey for opening the search box.

However, this also points to a broader issue of the dbl click being overloaded with actions - right now it triggers the group shape-change, relay, and search box, with precedence in that order. Perhaps there be a separate key combination for each of these actions, like +Ctrl or +Shift? I don’t know if this is even possible, but it could avoid unintentional actions.

Aside from this issue, however, I would like to be able to set the wire presentation of a relay. I haven’t been able to, even using the “Control Wire Display” component in Metahopper, which does work on other components that have no “Wire Display” option (like Path Mapper). My thought with global settings was more to this point. Either I would like to be able to set the Wire Display on a relay, or, if it clutters up the relay component too much to add this, I’d like another way of changing its Wire Display behavior.


I have a similar question but haven’t figure it out yet. I wanted to create relay on wire with double clicks on wire. But it would only open the search box. So I cannot create relay now.

Which version of Rhino and Grasshopper are you running?

Rhino 5.5 for Mac and Grasshopper 0.9.0080.
I tried to change to Rhino 5.5.2, but it was still the same.

Note that this thread is old and is about Rhino 6 for Windows.
This only works in the Grasshopper 1 version that is included in Rhino 6.

Can we have option to hide relay input wires?

I agree that so far I have only ever created relays unintentionally, even though I DO see their usefullness. I think a simple modifier like Alt+Double Click would still be fine for those rare occasions where you need the relays, but wouldn’t trigger so many times when I want the search box to come up and not noticing there are wires in the way.
I too mainly use faint wiring simply to keep visual clarity and in some patches its rather dense with wires as this demonstrates:

Back in the old forum I found this handy visual basic script to globally change all wire display styles, which is now in my startup template because it’s so useful. I’ll include it here in case anybody might need it. (4.4 KB)

nice find!
still doesn’t work on damn relays :thinking:

also tried with @andheum 's metahopper , but no luck

my favourite feature of the relay is that if i name one upstream the name in transferred to all the unnamed relays downstream.
very handy in large scripts when you want to keep track of what data you have in which stream.

and also… I finally found out what the mysterious red wire does!

it renames it. You may have to reconnect the wire for the name to display


+1 90% of my relay creation is unintional…

It happens to me too, but the power to create them anywhere “on the fly” is really useful.
Maybe adding a toggle key (ctrl? shift?) to activate the function?