Enable and Disable Multiple Components with Button Toggle?

Hi, I have a a bunch of solid unions and region unions which take a lot to compute, and I would like them to be disable as I vary my definition, but just when I am happy with the result I want these to be computed.

It would be like controlling many data dams at once. Or maybe just disabling and enabling these components with a “on, off” button.

Any ideas? Thank you

You could use a Toggle to control the output index of a [Sift] or [Stream Gate] component. Then leave one output unconnected and feed the other into your expensive components.

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Thanks David, will try this out!

Hi ShynnSup,
You might also be interested in trying Metahopper for this function.

There is a component in Metahopper called Group Toggle which is a very convenient way to enable/disable groups of components.

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thanks that worked for me!