Rhino6 for Mac - Embedded Files

Recently upgraded to Rhino6 for Mac. In Rhino5 materials and pictures followed the file path back to where the picture lived on the computer and if you moved the picture or changed its file path the material or picture would be blank in the model. In Rhino6 it does the same but it creates a new folder with the same materials in the same file path as the model named model name_embedded_files. If I delete the embedded files folder the materials and pictures in the model are still there as they follow the file path back to where they originally were on the computer. Is there a way to stop Rhino from creating the embedded files folder?

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I’m wondering the same thing. Any news on this? I’m using PC.

I have the same issue.

No, there is not. The folder will always be re-created if the textures are stored in the Rhino file. If you do not want the textures, then you can use SaveAs, uncheck the “save textures” box, and save under a new name. The new file will no longer have the textures embedded and will not create the folder.



Easy. Thanks!