Embedded files folder

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I am seeing an embedded files being generated by either some or all of my Rhino files. Wondering if this can be turned on and off?

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These folders are generated when you check the “save textures” checkbox in the Save dialog…


Thank you, Mirch. Makes sense.

Hi Cosmas - I don’t think you should get these folders being created if the support files can be found locally though - that is, if the textures are on your machine in the first place. Other users to whom you send the file might get the folder being created but if they are your files, I would not expect it on your machine. I think.


Dunno, everytime I check the “save textures” box, I get the folder on my local machine. And if I delete the folder, open the file, do something, then re-save it, the folder is recreated.


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Interesting… I am definitely getting the folders even though the textures are on my machine. This surprised me because I don’t remember it happening on V5. I’m seeing all these tidy little folders with embedded textures… nothing wrong with it, but odd that it’s happening 'cause I’m not planning to share these files with anyone…

Is there no way to embed the textures inside the file and do away with these annoying support folders?


Thank you!

Is there a global setting to 100% force Rhino to never make that folder?

We’re about to look into a PDM system that can handle Rhino files, but having a file make a folder inside that system is just a big no-no.

Logically, there should be one next to the “create .bak files” and “locking files” option (that we turned off), but I don’t see one.

Rhino 5 has this option in document properties, but it was removed in Rhino 6 together with the Rendering page.


This is the Youtrack issue about adding the option back.

The current “Save textures” checkbox is a document property that is equal to the “Save support files in 3dm file” checkbox in v5.

It will become a global option if it is added next to the “create .bak files…” checkbox.

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This is the benefit of the <filename>_embedded_files folder.

When a 3dm model with textures embedded is moved to another computer, it is still possible to edit the textures externally.

On the computer that saved this 3dm, to edit the textures externally, you will have to edit the original textures. The textures in the <filename>_embedded_files will only be used when the original textures are missing.

I saw that you closed that issue with the reason that the current checkbox is “easier to find”.

Well, if you open a file and then don’t do “save as”, you never see that checkbox. And as I said, the one place where you have options for additonal file creation is not where you find this option, so I wasn’t aware of it until @Pascal pointed it out to me in another thread.

Besides, I asked because I’m looking into options for administrating Rhino installations, and unless I’m mistaken, the “.bak” and “lock file” options can be imported from a central options file, whereas the “save textures”, since it’s a document option can’t, so it currently cannot be administrated.

No, it is not closed. I only added my comment.

Save as, disable “save textures”, and overwrite the current model. The textures already embedded will be removed from the 3dm.

I added a new comment in RH-29119 about exposing “save textures” in document properties.

The administrator enforced settings topic might be helpful.

Use File > Save as Template, disable “save textures” and overwrite all 3dm templates. New models started from the templates will have “save textures” disabled by default.

It could be not safe to add “save textures” as a global option. The embedded textures might get removed when models move between computers that have “save textures” set differently.

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Great, thank you!

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Oh, to add to this, it seems the _embedded_files folder actually gets created on file open, not save!

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Yes, and only when the embedded images are NOT…

  1. in the same folder of the 3dm, and its sub-folders.
  2. in the folders specified in Options > Files > Search Paths and their sub-folders.

I suspect this search path/save textures thing is something I don’t understand fully yet, similar to the block manager… it doesn’t intuitively feel like a system the rest of the industry uses when it comes to linking/embedding files. :slight_smile:

We’ll see when the PDM is actually up and running if it throws errors when Rhino starts spamming folders… wonder what Rhino will do if it doesn’t get folder write access (which might actually be a thing).

Ok, so this has happened twice to me now:


After that, Rhino continues, but becomes completely unresponsive to any dialogue options, like save and export (also, it deletes the original .3dm file which is kinda critical) and although you can still rotate around the viewport and click things, you need for kill it via the task manager.

This is kinda a special case, probably, because I brought a work file home and I’m editing directly in the iCloud Drive folder (still using Rhino for Windows, though).

So if even iCloud Drive makes Rhino throw a fit with this folder creation stuff, I’m guessing our PDM system will do something similar…

I guess this is on me now, though, because I just opened the file, and then made some changes and pressed “save”, not “save as”, so again, I never saw the “save textures” option checkbox.

Is :point_down: the result of :point_up_2:?

I tried to embed new images in 3dm in the ICloud folder on Windows, I don’t see this error.

This is the command-line history.
Command: _Save
Packing support file Basic-Blue-M.jpg (0%)
Packing support file Matte Black.jpg (50%)
File successfully saved as C:\Users\kelvin\iCloudDrive\Documents\abc.3dm.

Hi everyone,

I came across this thread because I’m having issues with embedded files. I’m working on an exhibit project and we are embedding a ton of low-res images into our 3dm files to visualize the curation of museum objects. Our workflow is successful and our Rhino files aren’t too heavy. However, I don’t understand how, when, and why Rhino6 makes the Embedded Files Folder that it does. I see above that Rhino makes the Embedded Files Folder upon “Open” but I cannot force the folder to be created when I need it to. I would like to be able to “collect” embedded images that are saved in various locations on my local PC and on our server. Sometimes, I am able to save a copy of a file and open it locally (as opposed to on the server) and Rhino will generate the folder. However, it gets really tricky: when I try to modify an image in this newly generated folder, the image doesn’t always update because it is still linked to it’s original location. I even went into the material settings and manually relinked all the images to the newly created local images but for some reason the links STILL point back to the original image location. This is true even if I completely delete the original file.

It would be super helpful if there was a command or an Embedded Files Manager that would allow us to easily see and relink images as well as initiate the collection of embedded images into a associated folder. Am I missing something? Is this a new feature request? Any further reading or insights would be greatly appreciated.

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