Embed PictureFrame image

Yes that’s true.There are still 2 reasons I prefer the current system.

  1. When I work with multiple bitmap images in creating a model, the size of the file gets much larger, storing information I really don’t actively use even if I may want it for reference. For example in recreating vintage instruments I often work with multiple photos and PDF scans of hand drawings to get a full overview of the project.
  2. When I export the file for manufacturing I don’t want to have to worry about inadvertently sending lots of source data that the workshop will find confusing.

While this works well for me, I do agree you should have the option to save the images in the file without creating a secondary storage file, and without having to resort to embedding them as textures, which hardly seems intuitive. It seems like the developer took advantage of the mechanics of the system without really considering the workflow of their customer.

Yeah, pic folders are an annoyance. :slightly_frowning_face:

When doing concepts I work over drawings and site diagrams all the time using the Picture command, and they never transfer reliably to my colleagues reliably. It worked intermittently for a time, I wish I could figure out what is happening.
I always send with textures checked “on” when exporting to Rhino5 (they are on V5 Mac, I use Win10 V6). I wonder if there is a functional difference between “Save As” and “Export” when it comes to embedding files for export in a Rhino5 file. Can this be true?