Elevation code to be seen in the 2D section

Please add this feature that elevation code to be seen in the 2D section
And that we can automatically add an elavation code with one click in the section, such as walking around the stairs and …!


Hi @architect.civil5, we will add your vote for this request for future versions and let you know when there is any news.

By the way, are you asking for editing the text displayed in the reference elevation mark?

hi @fsalla
yes I want this code to be parametric and to be a style
And when the height code of a visualarq object changes, the height code will be updated in 2D.
I wrote a script with the help of grasshopperplayer(rhino7), which I do to some extent, but if this feature is added to visualarq, it will certainly have more features for us users.

Hi @architect.civil5, you can do this already with an Annotation object driven by a Grasshopper definition. Take a look at this example: https://youtu.be/UTqIEOVsKpg
Actually, the VisualARQ templates already include the “Elevation mark” annotation style, described in that video. So you could do the same with your definition in Rhino 6.