Grasshopper annotation object unable to rotate


I made grasshopper script - elevation mark with relative and absolute elevation. Script is imported as annotation object based on grasshopper style. It works fine but rotation of that annotation object is not possible.

Why rotation of annotation object is not possible?

Thanks in advance!


Hi! I did a similar annotation object, and added a rotate parameter because of this reason. But you are right - it would be much better if the vaAnnotation (or vaElement) itself was rotateable.
It’s a (parametric) block anyway. Normal blocks can be rotated/scaled, so why not this?

Hi @igor.gojnik and @Eugen,

Please, could you send me those Grasshopper definitions? I’ll check why it is not possible.

Here you go:
VA elevation marks.7z (18.0 MB)
3dm file with the two vaAnnotations plus GH definitions.

Hello @Eugen,

The problem is that you are using a point param as an insertion point (I have already reported this). If you use an “XY Plane” or a “Construct point” component it will work.

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Ok, makes sense! Thanks a lot!

Something else: it will be interesting to see, if this can work: