Elevation mark

The elevation mark just horizontally works, can it be vertically??

Hi Jon,
The Annotation objects can’t be placed in a different plane than the XY so far (although can be rotated afterwards). We are planning to change that in the future. However, the “Elevation mark” style is created from a GH definition. You can define the plane where you want to create it in the gh file. Find attached a zip that includes a .val file of a new Elevation mark style that can be inserted in the XZ plane, and has a rotation value.

Vertical Elevation Mark.zip (22.5 KB)


thank you !

Hi @jon-vrin, since VisualARQ 2.7 version it is possible to insert annotations in any construction plane. Now the annotation objects created from Grasshopper definitions, require a Plane, rather than a Point.

Elevation Mark.gh (12.7 KB)