Element Type in AddDirectShape.ByGeometry


I was wondering if there is a way to add the Element type parameter to the Direct Shape by Geometry Component? Right now, that component has the Category and the Name, so if you decompose a reference Revit Element, you can plug those two items in. However, there is no Element Type, therefore, if you reference an element from Revit into Grasshopper, move it or array it, then send it back to Revit, it does not maintain the same family type. So if you edit the original family, the baked element that was moved will not update. I might be missing something in the workflow, but the geometry from grasshopper back into revit seems to be missing one level. Thanks in advance for any help

Just today we added the ability to Type and instance the directshape objects.

Create a DirectshapeType with Grasshopper. Then you can use the AddDirectshape.ByLocation component to insert multiple instances of that Type.