Adding Direct Shapes with Type

Hello! I’m having trouble with creating DirectShapes with Type with Rhino.Inside.Revit.
The Add DirectShape with location node is giving an unexpected result plus duplicated elements in different locations.

Is it possible to create Direct Shape Types without inputing any specific Geometry?
As my Direct Shapes are all different it would be great to first add the type and then assign it to the created Direct Shapes. That was my attempt of doing it by changind the Parameter “Type” of the elements once added to the model, but the Parameter “Type” is not yet defined on the elements.

Any clues will be wellcome! (37.1 KB)

You’re close.

Have your generic Direct Shape Type (0,0,0 origin)

Create you Direct Shape Types at the same origin.

Swap out Types using the Element Type Component.

Thanks @Japhy I tried your solution but doesn’t work for me. Do you have an idea what might be happening?
I noticed in your example the graphical element has already the same type as you’re inputing on the Element Type node, this is not my case.

A Type can only switch with a Type. It appears you have a Direct Shape, not a Direct Shape Type. There is a distinct difference.

Thank you @Japhy for the clarification!