Editing text is slow

Wondering if anyone else is finding that editing text is extremely slow. I have a 490 mb file and I can create new text at regular speed, but if I select existing text and try to edit it, well-- it’s really slow. This is true for both editing text via the box that pops up when you double click on it and editing it in the Properties panel.

This is only true in layout space. Editing text in model space is fine.

Any thoughts?

I think this has something to do with how the display pipelines in V5 were designed. I believe @stevebaer is working on improvements for this in V6.
That’s why I asked about model or layout space when you came in on the Chat tool.

Hi John and Brian (@John_Brock @BrianJ)

I’ve just uploaded the file (I was able to do it when the network was not too busy this morning). Thank you.


A good tip from Brian James: Zoom in close to the text when editing it and the speed is fine. Thanks @BrianJ.