Editing max iterations/samples in VP HUD


As per your instructions, I have added the ability to edit the max samples in the HUD, and generally it works well, with two caveats:

  • It appears that the size of the box the iterations are rendered in is not resized immediately to fit the new number, and sometimes the numbers are clipped on the left, ex. 207/500 will be clipped in the 2.
  • When changing the iterations from 500 to 200, say, I lose the ability to navigate in that viewport, until the render finishes or I do something in another viewport, such as select an object. It is this last part which makes me suspect that this is in Rhino, but if you think we might be doing something wrong, please let me know.
  • edit box bug YT issue created: RH-36318
  • The second issue I have trouble testing as other issues are preventing me from properly getting to that stage. Once I can reproduce I’ll be able to create a YT item.


Item one (expanding the edit box) will be fixed in the next build - as will drawing of the passes text.

  • Andy


the edit box is expanding now, but if going from large to small, some crud is left over on the left :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks for the event on product name click, we have switched to that for toggling between our renderers.