Sample number for Cycles Render Viewport vs Output Window

For the Sample number is there way to set the Cycles Render Viewport to something small like 40 and let Output Window keep something like 500~1000?

When changing the Render Viewport the actual render output also is changed with it. Preferred to have the rendering output to have a constant high number.

Also I’d be nice if the play/pause icon in viewport to be a little bit bigger.

Instead of using the render command you could experiment with ViewCaptureToClipboard. For a Raytraced view you can specify the required resolution and amount of passes. Does that work for you?

I’d also like to see real time how it renders though, if something is not right I’d like to be able to stop it to re-render.
It’s not so hard to change the sample through the bottom right, so priority is low-mid, but nice to have I guess.

ah yes, I didn’t mean this to be a blanket solution, but rather as stopgap. Cycles for Rhino will get more attention for post 6.x (i.e. the ‘new’ WIP after Rhino 6.0 is released - remember that for 6.x there will be no Cycles behind the _Render command). Your request means a new feature for post 6.x :slight_smile:

Sorry for digging up an older post.
For the 6.X cycles won’t be included? or just be another command added to run it?

Most likely Cycles for Rhino is going to be 7. But until then it will just keep on working in Rhino WIP (which keeps on going right when 6.0 gets released).

Rhino WIP at that point will still be quite stable right?

Will there be any updates to the Rhino Render for 6.0?
For example appearnce of glass material in Rhino Render?

We strife to have Rhino WIP be stable with each public release (sometimes we do good, sometimes we fail).

There will be some efforts here, but I don’t know how much. @andy can tell you more about that.

Hi Nathan,
Just to make it clear. And sorry for beating this one to death…

  1. This option to select the Cycles Render Engine for the “Output Window” will not be available comes Rhino 6 ?
  2. The Cycles Integration will be limited to the Render Viewport ?
  3. So, help me understand,… Is it available to me in the Beta version b/c I downloaded and Installed the Cycle Render plug-in in earlier WIP. Or is it available to everyone in the Rhino 6 Beta.
    — And If it is available to everyone (Cycles Render) does this mean the beta includes functionality that will not be part of Rhino 6.
    Jean P.

You are correct that the Cycles integration in Rhino 6 will be “limited” to Raytraced only. If you are looking to render at larger-than-viewport, custom, resolutions then you can use the ViewCaptureToClipboard and ViewCaptureToFile commands. Both know about Raytraced, you can specify a custom resolution and amount of passes. These commands will be a whole lot faster than Cycles for Rhino, too, so probably the better solution at the moment?

In the next public BETA there shouldn’t be a Cycles for Rhino -entry anymore, to stop confusing people.

Cycles for Rhino will return in the next WIP, which should be available at the same moment as Rhino 6 gets released.

Using CyclesForRhino.rhp from the beta/wip might still work in 6, but won’t be officially supported. That said, the same render engine is working when Raytraced and the ViewCapture commands are used, so you get the exact same results.

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