Block edit issue - update?


will these issues:

be prioritized at some point?

Currently the problems with the block edit mode are the only thing preventing us from using the changequeue instead of observing the changes made to the objects within the rhino doc. I’ve tried several approaches to workaround the issue but as soon as nested blocks are involved every single approach fails.

For an alternative, “alternative” solution: Is there by chance an event that is raised when the block edit mode is finished/canceled that I am not aware of?

I have been away on holiday. I’ll return tomorrow (as @nathanletwory), and can start pushing buttons on @JohnM and @andy to get this forward.

Thanks a lot @jesterking

@jesterking sorry for necro-posting in here but is there any chance that these issues will ever be tackled by the dev team? If the answer is “no” or “not until rhino 7” then that would be fine as well, but as it stands now, this is blocking us from using the rendering queue in Rhino and therefore preventing us from making use of several cool features that Rhino provides.

@JohnM, please bump this on your list.