Box Edit - buggy in Rhino 6 beta

Just reporting a few bugs in the Box Edit panel dialogue in Rhino 6 beta (6.0.17339.11131, 5/12/2017).

1). The “increment” dialogue has a bug: Rhino 5 did not have little up/down arrows to change the increment value for parameters size and position of an object, but Rhino 6 does. Unfortunately, if you use these increment up/down arrows, you get a change in increment value that increases in order of magnitude each click, e.g. if initial increment value = 2; 1st click up you get value of 20, 2nd click up, value = 200, etc. I suggest it would be more useful to tie the increment steps to the same value as the grid snap spacing. That is, if you had set in your Tools>Options>Grid a grid snap spacing of say 0.25 inches, then that would be the increment by which the little dialogue arrows would step up or down your values in box edit. Changing the grid snap spacing would change the increment steps. Otherwise how else to change the increment steps unless it has its own setting in Options.

2). The Box edit dialogues do not always show the values to the full display precision, i.e. it displays only 47 instead of 47.0000. Rhino 5 Box edit showed the full number of decimal places - much better. See first screenshot attached to understand what I’m saying.

3). The maximum number of decimal places displayed in the box edit dialogues do not match the number of decimal places set under Tools>Options>Units>Display Precision. i.e. if I set my display precision to 1.0000, the number of decimal places displayed in box edit is still just 1.000. Even if I edit the value in box edit to be say 0.123456, once applied I will see only 0.123, not 0.1234 as expected if display precision is set to 1.0000. Rhino 5 did not have this problem.

4). The selection highlighting of the object that you’re box-editing becomes black as you use the increment steps. In Rhino 5 the highlight would change to the colour of your object to the set colour of the object (see second screenshot to make sense of what I’m saying). Changing it to black is a problem when you have the background set to black, because you can’t see what is going on. Rhino 5 was better.

This a took a while to write up, I hope it is clear enough.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Hi Ian -

Thanks, I’ll see if we can get these tuned up. I’m less sure about the incrementing bit, but the other things look like bugs.

@Ian - I don’t see what you describe in your point #4 above- the objects is drawn highlighted while I click in increments…