Editing Embedded & Linked Block results in duplicated layers

When I edit ‘Embedded & Linked’ blocks, who’s layers are sublayers in the host-doc, they are duplicated after editing:

The E&L block’s layers are sublayers in my 3dm document;
The E&L block is a 3dm file
RH (7.18.22124.3001, 2022-05-04)

Dbl-click blk to edit, open in another instance, edit, save and close

When returning to host file, there are now duplicated layers–those nested w/in a local layer, and the “updated” E&L’s layers; these are technically the same layers, now duplicated.

RH does not recognize E&L block layers when located in a layer hierarchy.

It does seem possible to purge the now-duplicated layers, (this has not been the case w/ linked-referenced blocks w/o a restart in my experience). Layers that were duplicated but have a block within them (in the E&L file) are not able to be purged.

This is also happening to me,But only seems to happen on one block.

Can anyone shed any light on this? It seems a bit odd.

this is about linked and not embedded+linked, but might still help with the issue you are having: